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Halloween Finance

The discussions about Halloween this year have been good!  You can read some herehere or here.  This post isn’t one about the spiritual, theological or evangelical arguments about Halloween.  It’s one about the financial picture of Halloween.  I mean, what more would you expect from me???  So here it is in an infograph.  The Cost of Halloween, courtesy of creditcards.com:


Did you get that??? It’s a $6.9 billion dollar day.  Did you get that???  BILLION.  $6.9 Billion.  Wow! I would have never guessed that.

And it got me thinking….what could I do with $6.9 billion.  I have my own ideas.. my Church is my first choice!  We are doing amazing things and that kind of money would make more life change possible!  But I also think of local nonprofits that are making a difference – healing and restoring lives, solving problems in our community.  Research and science. And a fun one – paying off student loans of friends that are sucking wind to keep up with it all….oh I have ideas.  What would you do???


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