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Making my list…checking it twice…

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  But also the time of the year when we get caught up in the Christmas cheer of buying things every where!  I’ve been there and done that.  Before I knew it the amount I had spent was 2 times what I had imagined and probably 5 times what I could afford.  It was all on my credit card.   I just knew I would pay it off by January.  But…life happens and that Christmas wasn’t paid for until 3 years later.

If my family, friends, and coworkers had any idea they would have brought their gifts back to me and insisted I return everything to the store. So what made me do it?  Obviously they didn’t want a gift if it left me with a debt.  That’s completely the opposite of what Christmas is. Christmas is about God making the way for our debts to be cancelled.  He desires that our burdens would be lifted.  Not that the burden would grow larger and larger with each gift we give.

So this year, I’m making my list.  Being on the list last year doesn’t mean they are on the list this year.  Not everyone made the list.  I know that hurts and some of you are not willing to go there.  But bear with me.  Is giving about obligation?  Or is it about responding to the gift we have received from our Heavenly Father?  Is a gift necessary?  Is a card with a prayer or encouragement the gift that person most needs this year.  Does your list include people you don’t know?  Opportunities to bless people in need this Christmas.

Next I start checking it twice. What gift would say to them “you matter” or “God has a plan for you”. It’s not about the amount. It’s about the message.  The message of hope.  The gift of love.  Time.  Presence.  Hope.  You!

This year I’m using this awesome new tool.  The Christmas Budget Tool.  Perfect for making your list and checking it twice.

May your Christmas be Merry & Bright!  And may you bring Christ’s love to all as you give this season.




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