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What is Stewardship?

Stewardship starts with the belief that we are not the owners…but the stewards, managers or trustees of something that belongs to someone else!  It all belongs to God!  He owns it all! It all belongs to Him and in His great love He has entrusted it to us.  All He asks is that we manage it His way and for His glory.

How do we know His way?? Know the Bible. Know the character of God.  Apply that wisdom in our lives.

Sounds easy, right?  Yet this is a truly unending search.  A quest to know Him more. Actually, that’s stewardship too! Stewardship of our relationship with God!



In our recent study of Legacy Journey, I spent time with this homework question: 

“If you were dying, what would you regret?”

At first my page was blank….I don’t have any regrets now.  Why would I have a regret on my deathbed?  I stewed on it.  For an entire week.  Then I started being real with myself.  Started moving past my own personal facade.  Got straight up real and honest. No filter! 

Fact is – I have regrets!  And I have time to change it.  So I wrote them down.  Just 3 of them.  I’ll start there.  I want to leave a legacy and not a regret!!

For those of you traveling with….

You know the drill. The attendant stands in the aisle and mindlessly goes through the motions…to buckle the safety belt slide the…in the unlikely event…seat can be used as a flotation…all things I intuitively get.  And then the kicker…for those of you traveling with small children or someone requiring assistance, place your oxygen mask on first and then assist them (or something like that).  

I pause there every time!  That is not so intuitive.  Genuine love and conviction to care for those people makes me want to put their mask on first and then mine!  So why do it the other way?  For the simple reason that if you are not breathing you will not be able to help them.  

And so it is with your finances.  Taking care of you. Your family.  The US in the equation of life should be revived first.  So that you will be around to take care of others.  So if your bills are behind and you know who thinks you should do such and such….stop!  Put your oxygen on first.  If the guilt of not saving for your kids college is weighing you down…hang it up!  Putting the oxygen in your finances now makes you more able to help them later.  

So next time the attendant stands in the aisle – pay attention!  There are some big lessons in that speech.  



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