Financial wisdom from a woman of faith

God Will Provide//Genesis 22:14

Genesis 22:14

So Abraham gave that place a name, “The LORD Provides.” Even today people say, “On the mountain of the LORD, he will give us what we need.”

Are you on a mountain today? Not the mountain of victory, but the mountain that feels unconquerable.  You’re hanging on to the edge of a cliff.  Your knuckles are white and you don’t know if you can hold on much longer.  When will that breakthrough happen?  When will this all change? How much longer can you do this….

Well you are not alone.  The Bible is filled with people that are familiar with that same longing and weary soul.  Abraham was one of them.   Suck in a tough place.  Not knowing how things would change.  And after he say God’s answer to his mountain straining experience – Abraham declares – “The LORD Provides.”  One commentary translates this “The LORD sees.”

And that is exactly what I need to remember in my mountain hanger moments – God SEES!  He sees the whole story of my life.  He sees with eyes of love.  He sees this situation from an eternal point of view.  He sees with a heart to bless me and not harm me.

God I trust you!  My prayer is “let your will be done.”  Not what I want.  But what you SEE.  What you see is what is best for me.


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