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Gray Divorce

Statistics are changing….financial stress is hitting the gray headed…and divorce too.

25% of U.S. divorces are couples over age 50.  It’s becoming such an epidemic that they’ve given it a name.  Gray divorce.   

Since when did being gray mean you were more at risk for divorce??  What happened to the 7 year itch?  When did the statistics change leaving those married 20+ years more at risk than the newly wed for divorce???

Maybe this has a lot to do with the growing debt that the Average American is carrying.  Or the HUGE student loan debts that people are leaving college with….taking decades to get paid off.

Bottom line – money stress is still the #1 reasons for divorce – with a whopping 57% of the couples citing it as the the primary reason for their divorce.

It’s real. It can happen to you.  It’s never too late.  And it’s never too early.  If you find yourself struggling – you are not alone.  May you sense wisdom and direction right now about where to start.  Join a Financial Peace University class in your area.  Contact a financial coach.  Phone a friend.  But do something now.

Your marriage is a gift from God.  It is worth fighting for!


Study: Christians Who Tithe Have Healthier Finances Than Those Who Don’t

I read this article recently and keep thinking about it.  I see it time and time again.  We have worked with over 650 individuals in the past 6 years and consistently this one pattern is clear.  Those that honor God by tithing (10%) have healthier finances than those that do not.  They get out and stay out of debt. They manage their budgets monthly.  They stay on track with retirement savings.

But why?  I believe all that we have comes from God.  He has given us stewardship over it.  When we give, we are responding with gratitude (thankful hearts) acknowledging that all that we have comes from Him.  That posture is one of worship – to the creator, the owner of it all!  We receive supernatural favor and blessing when we obey His word and instruction on giving of the tithe to the storehouse (local church) according to Malachi 3.

I know that living on 90% that is blessed is always more than living on 100% without the blessing.  I have real life stories that confirm this is true!

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