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Legacy Journey

We started our first class of Legacy Journey today!  This new material from Dave Ramsey is amazing.  The journey to financial freedom is so rewarding and I love celebrating with people each step of the way!!  Today we discussed the snares in our thinking about wealth. It was eye opening.  Societal pressures against wealth are the weights holding our country down.  So why be debt free?  Why build wealth?  It is a holy act.  It is worship to our God.  Imagine what our nation (and world) would look like if American’s embraced building wealth and stopped seeing it as evil.  I propose that there would be little need for government welfare programs.  The people of God and the house of God would be able to do what Scripture taught.  There would be abundant resources to care for the widows, the fatherless and the poor.  We need to reward work!  Encourage wealth!  Celebrate financial success!




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