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Where to start

So maybe thinking of a budget makes you feel like I just laid a loaded gun in front of you.  It makes you feel like your life is about to end.  It’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.  You are telling yourself

It never works

I am not a numbers person

My income is not consistent

We work hard.  We should be able to spend what we want

Whatever your reason for not doing it has been, a budget is undeniably the tool that will propel you into financial success.  So let’s talk about where you start.

Decide you want to do this.  If you’re married, commit to one another that you are in this together.  If you are single, identify an accountability partner. Consider working with a financial coach.

Document your income.  How often do you get paid?  What is your regular pay amount?  If you have irregular income, what has been the average?

Determine what it takes to maintain your home, operate your car and feed your family each month?

Divide your bank account activity for the last month into general groups (giving, utilities, eating out, groceries, kids, etc)

Document these things in a way that works for you.  A yellow pad.  A spreadsheet.  A budgeting program.  Just keep it simple for now.  This is your first budget.  You did it!


Financial Coaching Starts Now!

This past week I had the GREAT pleasure of attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Counselor Training.  It was one of the most defining moments in my adult life.  My calling to help people now has a process and the tools to get it going!  And that’s just what I will do – get going!  The accumulation of my personal debt journey, my financial education and my 6 years of experiencing leading FPU classes is yielding a harvest of help for those that are beating debt and building wealth!  I can’t wait to see people reach their dreams!!!

And a bonus from last week – I got to meet Dave Ramsey!

Feb 7, 2013 Dave Ramsey

Feb 7, 2013 Dave Ramsey

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